When it comes to creepy crawlers, vermin or rodents home owners typically are at a loss for what to do or how to address the issue. We at ProCare Roofing and Fire Restoration have been dealing with many property related problems for over a decade. If its in your policy, there is a good chance we've already seen the language before and are very well equipped at handling the issues. Part of our portfolio involves helping home owners deal with the unexpected especially circumstances surrounding uninvited wildlife such as termites or squirrels or runaway deer. If you believe you may have an animal problem, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help!

Animal Problem?
The most common cause of animal related property damage is the urban based Raccoons. These mammals are a growing nuisance. They normally enter a home through the soffit, attic fans, or the roof itself. After entering the raccoon makes the attic area its new place of residence. During this process the raccoon may destroy other parts of the interior of the attic. The initial damage you can expect is destruction of the roofing/attic insulation. As the days pass, the raccoon and its cubs cause further damage by causing structural damage to other parts of the home such as plywood, shingles, and siding resulting in exposure to the elements.

Is it safe to live in the house?
After the raccoon has lived in the attic for a few days and used your garbage can as its new refrigerator expect to see excrement and urine in the attic, on the insulation, and potentially an emerging odor. The dangers of raccoons living in and around your home increases the dangers of a raccoon bite to you and your loved ones. Raccoons can spread rabies. Rabies is found in raccoon saliva and transmitted by bites. Rabies is a lethal disease caused by the neurotropic rabies virus. If you see an animal climbing up and down the gutters or near your property immediately call for pest control to remove the threat to you and your family.

What about my damaged attic?
Some insurance providers may provide partial coverage to the damaged parts of the house. Certain rodents such as squirrels, mice, rats, prairie dogs, beavers may not be covered under your insurance policy. As public adjusters we are aware of the entire process related to animal damage and restoration. We specialize in getting your animal damage covered under your policy. After removal of the intruder, the next step involves removing all the wet, excrement filled insulation and safely remove it off the premises. Next, a thorough cleanse with disinfectant spray is applied followed by a deodorization process. Lastly new insulation is installed in the attic area.

Does this seems like allot of work?
Anytime you deal with your insurance carrier expect to see plenty of red tape, lots of back and forth negotiating and a long list of unknowns. We recommend to get help when possible. We are here to help you and your family get back on track to a safe and comfortable peace of mind.

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