Qualify for a New Replacement Roof and or Siding with little out-of-pocket cost

This process has a set of criteria that the roof must meet in order to qualify: Residential and/or Commercial roofing systems

  • 1. Age of roof and number of shingle layers
  • 2. Type of roof
  • 3. Type and age of insurance policy
  • 4. Amount and degree of roof damage
  • 5. A free Initial site/property inspection is required to determine if the roof meets the threshold to qualify for replacement
  • 6. Always hire an experienced roofing professional to represent you in any property adjuster inspection with your insurance company to protect your interests. As our client, our qualified property adjusters meet with your insurance companies field adjuster for free.
We are your Hail Storm Damage Specialists!

Please speak with a representative for further details regarding the services below.

What our services include:
  • Free Water Removal and Drying
  • Free Roof Inspection & Estimate
  • Free Temporary Roof Tarping and Mitigation
  • Expert Insurance Guidance that Assures Full Roof and Property Compensation unmatched in the todays Industry
  • Roof Replacement; insurance companies will ultimately want to pay for repairs only.
    We don't settle until a favorable settlement is reached
What is Hail/Wind damage?

Hail and wind damage is difficult to see from the naked eye. Only a trained specialist can determine if there is hail on the roof or property and if it caused any significant damage. Not all hail damage is the same. A specialist not only determines if there is hail on the roof but also performs a thorough inspection of the interior of the home or property which helps ascertain if the premises is safe and livable. Unknowing to the home owner, leaks may develop that cause water to access certain parts of the home that are not readily viewable. This process over time can cause mold to develop which ultimately puts your loved ones at risk for infection and multiple health risks. Please call us immediately for a free inspection if you believe your property may have hail or wind damage.

Our expertise:

As weather damage experts we can help you get compensated for your losses. We can also have the water damage and mold causing fungus dealt with appropriately making your home a safe and livable environment. Don't take on your insurance company without the proper representation. We understand the entire insurance process. We can handle your claim from start to finish. You don't have to worry about anything or deal with the back and forth time consuming negotiations involved in dealing with your insurance carrier. Your insurance company deals with us on your behalf allowing you to go about your daily routine and focus on other important things in your life. From the initial adjuster appointment to the paperwork to the endless phone calls to the documentation and certifications to working all the warrantied repairs to completing the job. We take care of it all!

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